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We offer a 30 Days Return or Replacement Policy

At Eze our return policies are centered on you. Let’s be real, no one likes returns, which is why we so carefully vet all of our sellers. In the case that you do want a return or replacement, we keep it simple.

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Return Process

Submit RMA Form

Please fill out this form to submit an RMA request. You will need the order number to submit this form

Receive RMA Number

Within 24 hours of receipt, we will send you an RMA number. This number must be included in the box.

Return Label

If it is a domestic return, we will include the return label with your RMA number. If it is an international return, please create your own label.

Ship The Devices

Each device must be labeled with the model number and IMEI number for us to process the return. Missing labels delays returns by up to 2 weeks.

Receipt Confirmation

You will get a confirmation of return receipt 24 hours after the device is returned to us.

Credit Of Funds

72 hours after the return is received and processed, a credit note will be issued to you. At that point, you can select whether you want a refund, replacement or credit on your next order.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Bid and how do I buy on Eze?

A Bid signals your intent to buy -- it is your financial offer for an item on Eze. By default, bids are not placed in order from highest to lowest on an item’s product page. Rather, we display devices by order of their release date. If you’d like to sort devices in order of highest or lowest you can do so using the filter dropdown located at the top right of the shop page.

Do products purchased through Eze come with warranty?

Yes, all devices come with a standard 30-day warranty.

I placed an order, how can I track it?

Once an order is shipped we will provide you with tracking information via email and accessible in your portal. If you don’t receive this information, please feel free to contact us and we can provide that for you.

Do you offer payment terms?

We offer Net payment terms to our U.S. customers where payments can be delayed for up to 120 days or paid in installments. We plan to introduce net payment terms to more countries in the near future.

How can I cancel an order I’ve paid for?

You can cancel your order by navigating to the Buying page. You can cancel an order and request a refund up to 30 days after the original purchase date.

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© 2023 Eze Technologies Inc. All Right Reserved