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We make buying and selling eze

Eze is the world’s first fully automated marketplace for trading electronics in wholesale quantities.

Leverage real-time market data, secure payments and automated shipping to safely expand your network and sell on Eze faster than anywhere else.

How To Buy On Our Platform

Create a request for the devices you want and the highest price you are willing to pay for them, or purchase immediately at the lowest asking price.

Once you’ve paid, the seller ships to us, where the devices are inspected once more before they are routed to you.

We ship you your devices. After confirming your shipment we release the funds to the seller, it's that eze.

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How To Sell On Our Platform


Fill out our 60-second application to prove you’re the real deal.


Once approved, you can begin posting inventory to sell and selecting buy requests to fulfill.


Once you agree to sell, you have 48 hours to deliver your devices to your customer.

Eze Pays You

Once your shipment has been successfully delivered & inspected, you get paid! It’s that Eze!

Learn More About Selling On Eze

Why Choose Us

Increased Velocity

With our fully automated user experience, secure payments and automated shipping, you’ll safely expand your network and sell on Eze faster than anywhere else.

Real-time Market Data

Real-time market data and historical trading data to help you trade wiser and accelerate your business growth.

No Fraud

As opposed to other selling platforms, we only sell to vetted buyers. So every transaction is 100% secure without any risks of being scammed.


International Network

Leverage our community of thousands of qualified businesses around the globe. Start selling across borders with one click, we make sure to keep it Eze.


Track your sales & growth on our well organized, easy to use dashboard. This also includes market info as we’ll always let you know the top selling models for all electronics.

Increased Margins

With our industry expertise we’ve built algorithms that turn your quality efforts into higher margins and give you an edge over your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays for shipping?

The buyer always handles shipping costs.

How can I become a seller on Eze?

First you’ll need to fill out our 60 second seller’s application. Once approved, you can begin posting inventory to sell and selecting Open Bids to fulfill. You can apply as a seller here.

Do products purchased through Eze come with warranty?

Yes, all devices come with a standard 30-day warranty.

What methods of payment are used on Eze?

Eze accepts Wire Payments, Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express payments. Eze does not accept payments via ACH bank transfer, check or cash. Please note: In the case of a wire transfer, your order will only be triggered from the moment Eze receives and confirms your payment. Consequently, an order confirmation email will be sent to you so that you can check your order number, which should be kept.

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